Using Facebook For Business

facebook_templateFacebook is one of the largest online social media network systems out there. There are over 1 billion users that have Facebook accounts. Some have Facebook for their own personal use or to promote their business. Each person is in control of their own personal settings when it comes to who is allowed to view their page. Business accounts keep their settings open to where everyone can view their page publicly. This is perfect when you are trying to promote a business and get customer feedback.

Some businesses will set up a Facebook page template to help advertise their products and services. They can even post pictures of the items they have available. Some will even apply coupons through Facebook that individuals can print out just by liking their page. Once someone has liked a business page they will see all the business’s posts regarding their products throughout their news feed. This will keep the customer informed of any new items or deals that are going on. It’s constantly updating them as long as the business keeps posting information for everyone to see on their Facebook page.

Another great thing about using Facebook for a business is that customers are able to post questions on the business wall or send personal messages directly to the business. When it is posted on the business wall then everyone who likes the business page or visits it can see the individuals questions. The business can then reply to the message and everyone can see the answer. This helps eliminate the same questions from being asked since the information is out in the open. If the individual has a more personal question or needs to send some type of account information, they can send the business a personal message. These messages are private and can only be seen between the business and the person who sent the message in. This is a great way to provide fast and excellent customer service. This will help slow down a lot of phone calls to the business as well.

Using Facebook for a business has a lot of advantages. People can share the deals the business has among to other friends and family members that are linked to them. They will also be able to share the business’s photos to show off their products. This is free advertising and a great way to run a business, especially if the business is just starting out for the first time. The about page on Facebook can give customers an idea of what the business is about and where they are located. Plus, the business can put a direct link to their individual website on their Facebook account as well.

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