Great IT Jobs

Great IT JobsWith the advance of technology nowadays, IT industry holds the primate among fastest growing industries. With something less than a century from its beginnings, Information Science today has become an inevitable part of the human society, that help us connect between ourselves, share experience, make life easier and save time. As a result of the enormous usage of IT devices and services which became part of everyday life, employment numbers in the IT industry are getting higher every year, and that trend is still growing. What’s even better, with the growth of the internet, searching for an IT job has never been easier, and portable. Today you can choose between working from home or in an office. There are also a lot of agencies that can search the right IT job for you. Below follow some of the most wanted and highly paid IT jobs.

  • System administration

This position requires advanced level of expertise in managing and updating the security measures, implementing modern ones to protect computer systems, and everything else that is connected by ensuring that computer systems will function properly and reliably. Statistics show that the demand for this profession will be more than 15,000 professionals in the next 10 years nationwide. The advantage in later years is that you don’t need to be stuck in the office, and can do work on the road. You can check the internet for current job openings (take a look at this site for system administration jobs Denver).

  • Database Administrator

This position has become hot with the development of Web 2.0 services, where users became an inclusive part of the web. A lot of web businesses base their profit right on managing and selling data to other businesses. In order to ensure that data won’t get to wrong the hands, administrators are needed more than ever. They are often faced with complex issues, implying that they can easily pass the 40 hour/week limit. That’s why their salary can reach 120,000$ per year.

  • Mobile application developer

With the advance of mobile operating systems in recent years, such as the rapid growth of smart phones that use Android or ios operating systems, this position peaked to the top of high demand IT positions. The positive side of this job is that you can work independently and mobile, you don’t need to be stuck with a company, and do all the work from home. In the end the application that you sell on the market can be a measure for your effort. Be sure that the crowd can make a distinction between a good and bad application.

  • IT consultant

Ranking at top 10 on Best Jobs in America, the IT consultant position is a little bit vague. It requires evaluating the systems so they can run faster, reliable and cheaper. The formal description says that IT consultants estimate, manage, administer, and deploy IT systems on business behalf. Also the salary varies a lot, mostly from 80,000 to 120,000 per year, and they are recommended for every local startup to Fortune 500 companies.