Frac Sand Equipment for the Right Job

frac-sandWhen a company uses a frac process on the earth, it is all about removing oil from under the top layer of soil. However, the oil is not in liquid form initially. Instead, it is all about sending vibrations into the ground that break up shale, which in turn releases oil. By breaking it apart and releasing the oil, it provides all new oil reserves that simply are not available in all areas of the country. It also helps with any sort of oil shortage as well. Now, there are times where it is necessary to frac under sand. When this is required, special frac sand equipment is required. Thankfully, it is possible to use the correct equipment that can help extract the oil from the sand and other material around the earth’s top layer. This way, it is possible to ensure the integrity of the oil and keep it at the highest standard possible.

The first kind of equipment that is required is washing equipment. The washing equipment is perfect for washing the same. The byproduct from the process is pushed through the washing equipment, which in turn cleans off and separates all of the material. This way, sand does not come along with the oil. It also helps ensure the sand is perfectly clean once the job is done.

After the washing process, it is necessary to dry off everything as well. It does not matter what kind of sand it is and what other material there is, after the sand has been washed clean of the oil, it is important to dry it out, otherwise it is going to stick, and corrode just about everything. After all, concrete is made from a majority of sand, so if sand sits there inside of the equipment it is just going to harden and cause all sorts of problems. The dry sand is not going to cause any sort of problems and ensures that everything functions properly and is removed.

Lastly, there is the screening process. Naturally, it is important to screen the sand for anything and everything that might be located inside of it. Once the sand is dry, the frac sand is going to be inspected through the screening equipment. This is the last major task that is required in sand frac operations over other standard forms of the procedure. Once all of this is done though, it is possible to then go into and use the oil and everything else that was obtained from the process.

While much of the equipment is the same for removing the oil, when sand is the top layer, it is important to implement these kinds of products to remove the sand.