The Switch to Satellite

hand holding a remote control against a wall of multiple screens for digital television

There are dozens of reasons to switch to DIRECT TV to keep up with all of your favorite television programs. Two of the best reasons are the mobile app the company offers, and the access they offer to all of the sports action, no matter what team you follow. No matter where you are you can see your favorite programs and when it’s game time, tune into the big game. All you have to do is log on by using a phone, tablet or computer, and you’ll never miss a big event.

With the popular, easy to use mobile app you can watch live satellite television, or use the app to choose a program from your On Demand or DVR service. If you forgot to set the DVR when you left to record a favorite program you can use the app to set the recording when you think of it and it will be ready for you to watch when you return. With today’s mobile lifestyle your tablet, phone, or Apple Phone Watch all become your gateway to staying on top of the great programming offered on television.

Is your favorite sports team scheduled to take on their biggest rival while you’re away for the day? Is the cliff hanger from your favorite weekly drama about to be solved and you have a big dinner? DirectTV mobile apps have those dilemmas, and more, covered.
Football season is one of the most popular reasons friends and family gather on Sunday afternoons and the NFL Sunday ticket app is another popular feature for customers of satellite TV. You won’t have to miss a kick-off all season long with this popular feature. And If you’re involved in a Fantasy Football league, you can track all the stats and stay on top on all of the action in the league while you keep track of your team’s progress.

When you find a local installer to set up a DirectTV television service in your home, you’ll know it’s the right step to take to have peace of mind that you won’t miss a big program, or the big game again.