Increasing Your Facebook Fans

increased_facebook_fansSocial media is a massive, highly important part of having a successful business presence online. A business can, and should, have its own Facebook page, separate from the business owner’s personal Facebook page. Many people seem to think that setting up a page and keeping it updated is enough, but it takes a little more work to build up a large fan base. Facebook users may stumble across a business page accidentally, but it’s far more likely that they will be driven there with some creative strategical moves.

Work With Social Plugins

Provide a way for users to interact with Facebook content on the business website. Make sure there is an easy to find (and easy to use) share button on each post or page. It’s also a good idea to use a Facebook widget to provide a live stream of engaging content from the Facebook page on the website. Make it as easy as possible for users to get to the Facebook page from the site.

Use the Facebook Logo

Include the Facebook logo on all newsletters, emails and other electronic communication you send out on a regular basis, along with some lively text regarding why someone may want to be a fan. Use an email signature on all outgoing email messages, and include the logo in the signature.

Make the Most of Photos

Make it a habit to take photos, post them to the business Facebook page, and encourage fans to tag themselves. Tagging makes the photos show up on the user’s wall, where it may be seen by the user’s friends. Take lots of photos at live events. Encourage fans to take photos with the products you provide and tag the fan page.

Inform Customers About Facebook

Post a sign in a prominent location in your business to let customers know that the business is on Facebook. It can be on the front door, at the front counter or hanging on the wall at eye level. Make sure it’s somewhere customers are likely to see it. It helps to have a Facebook user name that is easy to remember. Include information about the Facebook fan page on business cards, brochures and flyers.

Use Twitter, Too

Set up the Facebook page to automatically publish posts to Twitter. At least occasionally, write posts that are longer than the 140 characters allowed in an individual Twitter post. The post on Twitter will be cut short, with a link to the Facebook page. Make the first part of the post engaging so users will want to finish reading the post.

Any good SEO strategy will involve social media across many platforms. Creating and maintaining a social presence is good business. To learn more, visit

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