Decorating a Themed Restaurant

themedWhen decorating a themed restaurant I always go from the advice my friend who is a long time restaurant owner tells me. The first thing she always swears by is not to overcrowd the restaurant with stuff including a life-size statue. It is perfect to have two at the maximum with one being at the entrance and one just outside the bathrooms.This allows for people to take note of them and for you to get people to take notice. A life-size statue is to get your attention and not to overwhelm you because of there is more than one life-size statue then it will overcome the basic and simple presence of a themed resturant . It is a great greeting and something to make you different than the rest. The next thing to remember when decorating a themed restaurant is to have it look clean and sharp. This means simple things that appeal to everyone that walks in the door from kids to adults. Too many decorations are clutter and collect dust. The perfect things to have are photos of the place on a wall and some themed things such as the restaurants logo or name. A great example is how my friends restaurant is Italian food this makes decorating Italian themed easier by using the little Italian chief as her theme. He is located at various points in her restaurant and a couple of signs that say Italy or Bon apetiet. She also gave me some advice as to use the restaurants name on the napkins. This makes an easy decoration you don’t have to maintain. When it is something as simple as a logo on your napkins it appeals to customers and if they have a to go box with napkins in it they can keep it as a souvenir. The same thing is for the bags for customers to take when they leave by simply having the restraints name printed on them. An advantage of having simple decorations and life-size statues is the picture opportunity it will provide for the guests. This is something they will look back on and remember there visit to your place. With simple decorations the restaurant presents their restaurant as a comfortable setting. If a themed restaurant has too many things in it it distracts the customers and can effect their visit. A my friend say “A clean and neat restaurant without clutter is one she will remember and come back to any day of the year”. So one important lesson to pass on is keep it looking sharp.

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