Use the Web to Create Your Very Own Customized T Shirts

custom shirtAfter I and my family had our annual family photos taken, I got the idea that it would be great if all of us could wear T shirts with a picture of the whole family printed on the front. In the process of figuring out how to get this done in a quality way and for a reasonable price, I ran across

This website allowed me to fully customize my T shirts and have them delivered right to my door step. After uploading my photos and designs, I was given a free quote. The professional customer service staff was very helpful and answered all of my questions during a chat session. This is a company with a truly great concept, high quality products, and an excellent customer support network.

If you don’t have a pre-determined design to upload, you can choose from among the many existing designs. Otherwise, you can use’s online shirt design tool. This unique tool allows you to customize your T shirt by accessing a large selection of text and images. Some of the items you may wish to put on your shirt include: photos, clip art, logos, slogans, serious quotations, and humorous one-liners. There is no end, though, to the possibilities. You can become your own fashion designer and make your T shirt as individual as you are.

There are a great variety of colors and styles to choose from. You can go with 100 percent cotton material, or you can opt for a cotton/polyester blend. Only the most advanced methods of shirt printing are used: automated screen printing, digital embroidery, and direct-to-garment printing. The whole process is made very simple and easy. You just plan out your design and let Shirt Magic handle the rest.

This website is a great boon to those needing customized, matching T shirts. Businesses, sports teams, clubs, church groups, and much more can greatly benefit. Consider just a few of the possibilities. Your restaurant staff can all be outfitted with professional-looking attire. Everyone attending your family reunion can have a matching T shirt. A group of fans can wear shirts with the team logo printed on them while they cheer in the bleachers. The list could go on and on.

Finally, you also have the option of selling your own T shirt designs. Businesses, schools, and those with a graphic designer interest can set up their own online shops right on Shirt Magic’s website. Otherwise, they can sell those same designs from their personal websites. A commission will be earned on each shirt sold.

This custom T shirt site adheres to the highest standards of excellence and gives you a huge degree of flexibility in crafting your own T shirt. It is a great solution for both individuals and groups.