How To Develop An App

Developing a mobile app, short for application is an idea that has most likely crossed the minds of most people in the past couple of years. Whether it is a game, business app, tool, or some sort of other app, developing an app has to start somewhere. After hearing various stories in the news of apps that are as simple as taking photographs are now multimillion dollar companies, it makes most wonder is it that hard to get in on the action. After all, we have all heard a story or two of a young boy or girl usually under 20 making millions off of their apps. So where does one start in mobile app development?

How To Develop An AppWhen you ask most professionals on the topic there are two paths to choose from when developing an application. While both involve some sort of initial dollar investment, one involves a much longer time investment and the other involves a much larger dollar investment. The choices are between purchasing a ‘beginner friendly’ software that has simple easy to use interfaces that make the entire app making process simple and easy for anyone to learn. One of the easiest software’s for beginners to use to develop apps is Eachscape. The Eachscape tool requires no prior software development experience it simply uses drag and drop interfaces to assist users in building their applications. Other more hands on developer tools you can purchase include Magplus, Phonegap, Appcelerator, and Sencha just to name a few. Some of these developer tools even develop the application for all mobile platforms, which means with one creation the application will be compatible with the iOS and Android platforms.

The other option some explore when deciding to make an app is to hire a paid developer usually found on freelancer sites. Sites such as and prompt users with project creation tools. Users open a project stating their needs and developers come flocking over to the project page posting their price for the job. While this option tends to be more expensive it should be noted that a lot of time will be saved from building and learning on your own from software’s stated earlier. When searching for freelancers it is not always best to go with the lowest price, while on the other end it is true that the highest price is not also the best service. Look through profiles of those bidding and determine what previous work the user has done and their feedback given to them from other users.

Developing an app is not something every business or person should commit to. Every year over a million apps are added to the App Store and Android Marketplace. If you truly feel you have a unique idea that appeals and reaches to a wide audience go for it.