Benefits of Increasing Your Company’s Internet Bandwidth

bandwidthMost business people that are in charge of purchasing their company’s data plan for their cell phone users know that unlimited bandwidth in the mobile industry always comes with a star by it. The irony is that the latest services offered are usually video intensive, which makes using the unlimited bandwidth up more like buying a lot of minutes on a regular cell phone plan.

When it comes to internet bandwidth for your company server, there are two routes to go if you do not want to be limited to a certain amount of bandwidth.

If you are a small company that just has a website and uses e-mail and some data intensive application, you can usually get by with shared hosting at a national provider. The cost will be low, but with many users, so will your performance sometimes.

If you are any size company and you are starting to move your applications and data into the cloud and would like to keep some of that data on your own server, a dedicated unmetered server is the best answer.

A dedicated unmetered server is a machine that sits at your hosting providers data center and contains whatever operating system and applications that you would like it to. Instead of being limited by the amount of data that passes through it, it is limited by the speed with which the data can flow through it.

So if you know that you are making videos of car accidents for insurance purposes and your field agents are uploading those to your central server via an internet application, you can benefit from allowing them to use HD video to make their videos because it doesn’t matter how much bandwidth you use, you will still pay the same amount every month.

Of course, when you start thinking about unlimited bandwidth and what it can mean to your company in terms of what it can provide you with, the sky is the limit. The important thing is to plan well with regards to the hardware that makes up the server that you are requesting. It won’t do to have a huge number of videos being uploaded and viewed simultaneously if all you are going to accomplish is crashing your server frequently because you don’t have enough memory or cpu power to throw at the task at hand.

Another considertation is the size of the network connection that you are using. Most hosting providers that sell dedicated unmetered servers do so by the size of the connection. If you have a 10mbps connection, you will have more problems with video with 100 users than if you have a 100mpbs connection or a 1gbps connection.

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